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Cash, Checks or Credit Cards Accepted

Fishing Charter Rates

We offer full day charters (up to 8 hours). We accept up to 4 anglers on our company vehicle.  If your party is greater than 4 persons we can accommodate your needs with additional boats.


1 person    $500.00
2 people    $575.00
3 people    $650.00
4 people    $700.00

$200.00 deposit is required to book all trips, this will be Non-refundable 2 weeks prior to scheduled trip. 

Bad weather days will be rescheduled.   All deposits are forfeited after one year.

Prices are all inclusive and includes Fuel, ice, rods, live bait, artificial baits, & fish cleaning


Live bait used when charter is fished in a sanctioned tournament will be billed at cost to the customer.
You may bring your personal fishing rod if you so choose.


What should I Bring?


1. Saltwater Fishing License. Residents or non-Residents required.

2. Refreshments. Bring whatever food and drinks you will need for a full day on the water. Water is important to prevent dehydration. If you bring beer, only bring cans (no glass).

3. Dry Bag. A small dry bag is a good idea, although not necessary, to bring for carrying, hat, glasses etc. and other personal items that you may need while fishing.

4. Rain wear will be provided.

5. Sunglasses. Polarized fishing glasses are recommended, if you have them, to lessen the sun’s glare that reflects off the water.

6. Camera. Bring a camera to document the big fish you catch or video the beautiful Gulf Coast or marsh sights.

7. Head gear. A brimmed hat, visor, or ball cap is a good idea.

8. Dramamine or Bonine. If you get seasick, or aren’t sure if you do, it’s a good idea to take this or other similar product the night before a day trip. We recommend Bonine over Dramamine because it causes less drowsiness

9. Sun Protection. Make sure you bring sunscreen. You may also consider long sleeve fishing shirts or t‐shirts.

10. Cooler. Bring a cooler to transport your catch home.

11. Plastic bags will be provided for your cleaned catch to bring home.


Non-resident Salt Water Fishing License

Call 1-888-765-2602 in advance.

The state will issue a license # that will make you eligible to fish on the days that you request. Master Card and Visa accepted for payment by phone.

You’ll need to supply the following information.

Mailing address
Date of birth
Driver’s License #
Color of eyes & hair
Phone number with area code
Captain's Charter license # (to be supplied when trip is booked)

The cost for the license if you are fishing with a guide that is registered to charter fish in the State of Louisiana is $10.00 plus a $3.00 convenience fee.